Message Your Movement

Strive is the texting tool for organizations, nonprofits, and campaigns to activate their supporters.
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A messaging tool for building people power


Expand your base and collect key data

  • Members text-in keywords to join
  • Automated messaging flows capture info like names, zip codes, and volunteer preferences
  • Dynamic fields make your flows natural and conversational
Grow your base

Engage your list and drive action

  • Target your asks based on response rate, location, and more
  • Schedule messages to engage your members at the right times
  • Track when members click links and help them stick to commitments
  • Generate custom reports to see which messages perform best 
Mobilize your list

Empower your base through personal connections

  • Convert automated messaging flows into personal chats between you and your supporters
  • Assign conversations to staff members based on language preferences and more
  • Rapidly respond in key moments 
Build relationships

Integrates seamlessly with your tools 

Use forms to trigger messaging flows, sync member actions, and more. Our API also lets you create custom integrations.

Made for movements

Strive is a powerful texting tool used by organizations and campaigns around the world. We make it easy to scale your messaging while building relationships with your movement.

Grow your base, mobilize your supporters, and deepen connections — all in one place. We’re innovating what texting can do, so your messages always make an impact.

“I needed to get info out to my members fast. Strive has been a game-changer in staying connected with our community during moments of crisis.”

Amanda Chavez Barnes
Mijente Digital and Data Director

“Strive fuels our online to offline organizing. We’re growing our list and empowering supporters to get involved. ”

Larry Swetman
ROC United Digital Platforms and New Media Manager

“Strive made it easy to manage over 2,500+ local watch parties with automated messaging flows and personalized responses.”

Bre Macpherson-Rice
Sunrise Movement Distributed Organizing Director