A how-to guide for syncing your ActBlue account and donation forms

What can I do with the ActBlue Integration?

Sync all of your ActBlue forms to build Strive automations while growing your Members list.

Can I automate messages when a donor signs an ActBlue form?

Yes, you can build automations for new, existing, or all members who sign your ActBlue form via Integration Automations. Trigger thank you's and welcome flows when a supporter signs your donation form.

Will new supporters be added to Strive?

Yes! Upon signing an ActBlue form a new member record will be created in Strive. Strive will only import members into your Members list who have opted-in to receive SMS.

ActBlue forms must contain:

mobile phone field
SMS Consent check box

Can I sync past donors into Strive?

You can! When setting up your new webhook request in ActBlue make sure you apply the desired backfill date.

Can I choose which forms I sync?

Upon setting up your integration, Strive will sync with all forms in your ActBlue account. At this time we cannot sync with select forms.

What fields can I import from ActBlue into Strive?

Strive will import available data for the following fields into your Members list:

  • Phone number
  • Opt-in status
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Zip code

How does supporter/member data sync between ActBlue and Strive?

Strive and ActBlue will not overwrite any existing data in your accounts. If an update is made to an empty field in Strive or ActBlue, this new data will populate in synced fields across your accounts.

Data sync from Strive to ActBlue: Strive will not overwrite any existing supporter data in your ActBlue account. Strive will populate empty fields for supporters in ActBlue with new data from Strive.

Data sync from ActBlue to Strive: ActBlue data will not overwrite any existing data in the Strive Members list. ActBlue will populate empty fields in member records with new data from ActBlue.

Can I sync custom fields?

Yes you can sync the following fields from ActBlue as custom fields in Strive:

  • Highest Donation Amount
  • Last Donation Date

Note: Make sure to create these custom fields in your Members list before you set up your ActBlue integration. This data will automatically import upon syncing your ActBlue account.

How to set up your ActBlue integration

  1. Go to Integrations and click ActBlue from available integrations.
  2. Copy the endpoint URL from the setup window.
  3. Make sure to enter the Strive endpoint URL generated in the setup window. This URL is unique to your campaign.
  4. Enter the username and password you created for your new webhook request in ActBlue. Click Submit.
  5. Your ActBlue account is now connected! Backfilled data on past supporters and new supporters who sign any of your forms will automatically be synced to your Members list.

How to update your ActBlue default webhook

  1. Go to Integrations and click ActBlue from Your Integrations. Navigate to the Webhook tab.
  2. Go to your ActBlue account to request a new webhook.
  3. Enter the new username and password. Make sure to use the endpoint URL generated in the Webhook tab. This URL is unique to your campaign.
  4. Click Submit. Your new ActBlue webhook is synced!

Ready to build Automations for your ActBlue forms? Check out Integration Automations to learn more.

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