A step-by-step guide for syncing your EveryAction lists, activist codes, and event forms.

What can I do with the EveryAction integration?

With the EveryAction integration you can use event forms to grow your members list.

With the Strive - EveryAction integration you can:

Will new members that sign an event form be added to Strive?

Yes. Members who sign an EveryAction event form will be added to your members list once you have synced your event form with Strive.

Note: In order for your event forms to properly integrate, they must contain:

-A FIRST NAME field, set to required
-A MOBILE PHONE field, set to required
-An SMS SIGN UP check box, set to required

Can I sync members between my Strive and EveryAction account?

That's right. Once you have set up your integration you can add new or existing members to Strive activist code groups to sync with your EveryAction contacts and activist codes. Strive will create and update EA profiles.

How to set up your EveryAction integration

Request your API Name/ Key

To integrate your EveryAction account with Strive, you must first request an API Key from EveryAction. Please refer to the EA help center article on API keys 

Once you have your EveryAction API name/key, you are ready to integrate your account with Strive.

Integrate EveryAction with Strive
  1. From your Strive account, Click on Integrations in the left side navigation. 
  2. Select EveryAction integration.
  3. Enter your API Key and API name.
  4. Click Submit.
Sync your EveryAction lists

Note:  Strive will only import EA contacts that have opted-in.

  1. In your EveryAction account, go to My Folders in the left side navigation under Contacts 
  2. Create a new folder or click on an existing folder. Under User Access select the Strive API and click Add.
  3. Next, create a new list or assign an existing list to the folder (you can skip this step if the list you’d like to integrate is already assigned to the folder you have granted Strive Access to).

Note: Strive does not support EveryAction dynamic lists.

  1. In your Strive account, select EveryAction on the Integrations page.
  2. Go to the List tab.
  3. Click Import next to the list you'd like to import. A group is automatically created using your EA list name.
  4. If there are any activist codes included in your list, they’ll appear in the activist codes table on the Strive integrations page.
  5. In the Activist Codes tab, Click Activate.

Once activated, your members list can be filtered and segmented by any activist code(s) you sync!

Sync your EveryAction event forms

Active event forms will appear in Strive once you have integrated your EveryAction account.

 Sync a new event:
  1. In your EveryAction account, go to Engagement in the left side navigation and select Events List.
  2. Click Add new event.
  3. Select your event type and fill out your event details.
  4. Under Engagement in the left side navigation, select Online Action.
  5. Select Create a new form. Make sure that you assign the same event type to the form as the event you created.
  6. Fill out your form details. On the contact information sheet make sure you toggle Mobile Phone and SMS sign up  to “ON” and “Required”.
  7. Click Publish.
  8. In your Strive account, Click on Integrations in the left side navigation.
  9. Select Settings under your EveryAction integration.
  10. Go to the Events tab.
  11. Click Sync next to the event you would like to sync. Synced forms will show On! in the sync column.

Sync an existing event:
  1. In your Strive account, Click on Integrations in the left side navigation.
  2. Click on Settings under your EveryAction integration
  3. Select the Events tab.
  4. Click Sync in the row of the event you would like to sync.

Note: Make sure your form includes a MOBILE PHONE field and SMS SIGN UP box, both set to required

  1. Synced forms will show On! in the sync column.

Once your form is synced with Strive, set up an automation to use your form(s) to trigger an SMS flow, welcome response, or auto reply. Learn more about automations.

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