Import your members list

Import your contacts, group tags, and even dynamic fields into the Strive member list
  1. Make sure you CSV list has been prepared for import. Learn how to prepare your list for import.
  2. Navigate to your Members list, and click Import.

Note: If you are importing a CSV with custom fields, you must add that field prior to importing your data if you'd like for it to populate in the member's list.

  1. Click Import a CSV in the popup that appears.
  2. Choose either to drop in your CSV or click Browse to find the CSV you'd like to import.
  3. Once you have selected your CSV file, you will be prompted to map your data into the Strive Members list.
  4. Map the Strive fields to existing fields in your CSV. You will be able to see all your existing fields in the drop down menu.
Example: If your CSV has a Surname field, you would map it to Last Name.
  1. Once all of your fields are mapped, click Import list
  2. Strive will begin importing your list. Be patient, this may take a few minutes to complete.

Once complete you will get a success message. You can now see your data in the Strive Members list!

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