Schedule messages

A how-to guide for scheduling your messages in advance. Set a message or flow to send at a specific time, even across timezones

How do scheduled messages work?

The schedule message feature lets you schedule a message or flow to be sent at a specific time. 

Example: You'd like to send a message next Friday at 4pm to a group that has members located in New York, Florida, and Maine. With Strive, you can schedule your message in advance to to send at 4pm EST on Friday.

How do I schedule my messages to arrive at the same time across different timezones?

The rolling timezones feature allows you to send a message at a specific time in a member’s timezone. 

Note: If you have zip code info in your members list, your message will be sent by the timezone associated with the member's zip code. If you do not have zip code info, rolling timezones will revert to the member’s phone number area code.

Example:  You'd like to schedule a flow be sent at 9am Central standard time (CST) and 9am Eastern Standard time (EST). In this case, you’d use the rolling time zone setting. 

Schedule a broadcast or flow

  1. In Broadcasts click Schedule for later.
  2. Set the date, time, and timezone that you’d like your message to be sent.
Tip: If you are sending a message to members in different timezones and would like for your message to arrive at a specific time of day, click Rolling Timezones.
  1. Click Review. Review your message and ensure your Schedule to Send At date/time/timezone is correct.
  2. Click Schedule Message. Your message or flow is now scheduled to broadcast.
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