Test your messages

Learn how to test your flows and messages with our test your message feature

Can I test my message before I send it?

Yes! You can test messages as you draft them or after you’ve finished, including your flows.

Can I test every step in my flow?

You sure can! To test flows use the Test Your Bot feature. If a step in your flow is set to reroute a member to a separate flow, you can test the entire experience from one flow to the next with the Test your Bot feature.

Test your broadcast message

  1. Click Broadcasts in the left side navigation if you'd like to test a new message. Or click Drafts if you’d like to test a draft broadcast.
  2. Draft your message. Your message will appear to the right of the compose window in the Speaking with Anonymous window.
    Note: The message will not show you a sample of your dynamic fields populated. 
  3. Click Review Before Sending.
  4. Confirm your group/ number of recipients.
  5. Toggle the Sample the messages you're sending, including dynamic fields button. Here you will see a sample of messages with dynamic fields populated.

Test your flow

  1. Click Flows in the left side navigation.
  2. Draft your flow. 
  3. Test your flow in the Test Your Bot window to the right of the compose window. To trigger the flow, use any word.
  1. If a step in your flow is set to collect a member’s name, Speaking with: Anonymous will update to Speaking with: {{firstName}} below Test your Bot.
  2. Ensure your flow is collecting the right info. You can see the info your flow is set to collect in the Test Your Bot window below your test response.
  1. Once you’ve confirmed your flow is accurate, go to Broadcast to schedule or send your flow. Alternatively, you can set a keyword or form to trigger your flow. Learn how to set up automations.
  2. In the Review Before Sending Broadcast window, Strive will show you a sample of your first message with dynamic fields populated before you send – just like a simple message broadcast.

Test your validation message

  1. Test your flow in the Test your Bot window.
  2. When you have reached your Ask a Question bot action with a validation message set, respond with an invalid message.
  3. Make sure your validation message is working properly before you send or automate your flow.

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