Validation message

Set a validation message so members are notified if they submit an invalid response

What is a validation message?

A validation message is a notification message that is triggered when an Ask A Question bot action in your flow receives an invalid response.

What will happen if a member continues to respond with invalid answers?

If the member responds with an invalid answer after a validation message has been sent, Strive will automatically route the conversation to the Strive inbox and mark it as needs response so an organizer can help.

Can I create a validation message for all broadcast message types?

No. Validation messages can only be created for Ask a Question bot actions in Flows.

Create a validation message

  1. In Flows, draft your Ask a Question message.
  2. Select Show advanced options.
  1. Create your validation message.
  2. Click Save to save your bot action, then click Save below to save the flow.
  3. Test your validation message. Learn how to test your messages.

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