What is Strive?

Discover why the Strive texting platform is made for movements

Strive offers you the best of broadcast and P2P features to grow, mobilize, and support your movement.

What can I do on Strive?

With Strive you have the flexibility to message your base with the best of broadcast and peer-to-peer features:

  • You can broadcast personalized messages to your whole list with a single click and let automated flows manage base building.
  • You can hold one-on-one conversations between your supporters and staff/volunteers in the Strive inbox.
  • You could combine broadcast and peer-to-peer functions by broadcasting a kick-off message to your entire list while letting your staff and volunteers focus on having real conversations.

What makes Strive different?

The key difference between Strive and traditional P2P tools is that you click Send once to deliver messages to however many opted-in supporters you'd like. With Strive you have the flexibility to automate more, so that your volunteers and staff can focus on building deeper relationships with your base.

Traditional P2P tools like Hustle and GetThru operate in a FCC regulations grey area, requiring you to click Send for every message you want delivered. These tools allow you to text people without their consent.

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