Base building made easy

Scale your outreach while getting the info you need to make every message count.

Use your data or start from scratch

CSV Imports

Quickly upload your list of opted-in numbers.

Keyword Opt-ins

Create keywords to get the conversations going.

Form Integrations

Funnel data from sign-up forms into your list and trigger conversations in real-time.

Send a simple message — or make things conversational

Broadcast PSA style announcements

Send messages to groups or your whole list, with a single click.

Ask questions and collect info

Target audiences based on geography, language preferences, or volunteer commitments.

Powerful AI built right-in

Natural language processing

Keep English and Spanish auto-responses natural and custom to each supporter.

Data mapping

Neatly parse for the supporter info you need.

Dynamic fields

Personalize your broadcasts to keep supporters engaged.

Drive your list to action

Mobilize your base

People power your messages

Connect with supporters