Create a trackable link

Learn how to add trackable links to your flows and broadcast messages

What are trackable links?

A trackable link is a type of dynamic field that can be added to your broadcast or flow. If you want to include a link in your broadcast, use a trackable link.

How will my link look in a message?

Our trackable link feature will generate a shortened URL that is unique to each recipient.

This means you can track and understand click-through rates by message or by member.

What types of links can I send?

Any link you'd like! From RSVP forms – to petitions or meeting links – there are endless opportunities to engage members.

How to add a trackable link to your message:

  1. Create your message or flow.
  2. Once you are ready to add a link, click Link above the compose window.
  1. You will be prompted to add the URL.
  2. Input your URL and click Add Link.
  1. You will see the full URL formatted as a dynamic field in the compose window. Example: {{ | link}}
Note: Strive will generate a shortened URL that will be custom for each recipient. A sample of the shortened URL can be seen in the test window to the right of the compose window.
  1. Your message now contains a trackable link! Learn how to add other dynamic fields to your messages
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