Dynamic fields

Learn how to add dynamic fields to make your broadcast messages personalized and conversational

What is a dynamic field?

A dynamic field is a feature in Strive that pulls data from your members list, such as name or zip code, into your messages. Dynamic fields allow you to send broadcasts that are customized to each member.

For example, instead of typing out each members' name, the {{firstName}} dynamic field will auto-populate the members name in your broadcast. A dynamic field will always be bracketed in your drafts.

Here is a broadcast draft that includes 4 dynamic fields:
Here is how your message will appear for members:

How many dynamic fields can I use in a broadcast?

As many as you’d like!  Any field in your members list can be used as a dynamic field, including custom fields. 

Can I test my dynamic fields?

Yes! You can test your dynamic fields after you create a broadcast or while you build a flow. Learn how to test your messages with dynamic fields.

Add dynamic fields to your messages:

  1. Begin drafting your message. 
  2. Add your dynamic field(s) by selecting the field type above the compose box. Make sure you include a space before and after the dynamic field, unless you are using punctuation.
  3. You can add dynamic fields as you type and/or add them after you have finished drafting your message.
  4. Test your dynamic fields.
Tip: With Collect Info bot actions, use the info you collect as a dynamic field in the next step of your flow. This will make your messages more conversational. Check out the example below:

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